Indiraexpo : Exhibition stands rental and stand builder

Exhibition stands are almost inconceivably anything to get enthusiastic about are they? Well, when you consider that the impression that you make with your exhibition stand at that all crucial trade show or conference, you may acknowledge that they are an intrinsic piece of your business armoury.

We attend exhibitions almost every day of our working lives and we are constantly astonished at the inferior quality that we see on booths in what is your shop window to the world, whatever Industry you happen to be in.

All Exhibition stand contractors are decidedly not the same

Selecting an Exhibition Stand in Italy or other companies in other countries is a complicated business. We grasp that it is your reputation that is on the line at the exhibition itself- for all practical purposes no-one sees the planning, organisation and hard work that goes into designing the layout, making sure that everything and everyone arrives on time, the electrical supply is the precise phased and is switched on it time and that all appliances work on the big day

If you have masochistic tendencies, you may contemplate organising all of this yourself. If that is you, then the very best of luck to you. If, all the same you value any quality in your life, you may bear in mind leaving this work to the professionals. Of course, you cannot delegate the accountability- it’s still your neck on the block if it goes wrong, however we have been taking this weight off people’s shoulders for over ten years now and to date, we have never let anybody down

From Conception To Final Plan

From your original idea or if you aren’t a creative person- we can design everything from beginning to end. If you want to leave everything to us, we can help, if you want to supervise every thing yourself- of course you are more than welcome to do that as well. What we do guarantee is that whatever you decide to do, we will make absolutely sure that your big shows goes fantactically well. When the MD turns up and asks how are things going? You will absolutely be able to say- fine, without that unpleasant, gut wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach

The little things make the difference

We make everything happen- from making sure that the kettle is available through to getting that flimsy glass display stand delivered and built ready for your most precious products to be displayed at their very best, we handle it all. Attention to detail is what separates the very best exhibition displays from the mediocre- we cater to every and all budgets and most especially, we recignise and allow you and your business to be the star of the show. Do it yourself or indeed leave it to the experts- we know what we would do in your shoes- now it is up to you. Your enterprise, your success and attimes your livelihood hinge on getting everything right- we can and always do deliver- to the very highest possible standards.